Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce and JobzMall launches the first talent marketplace built for Santa Ana’s post-covid workforce

Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce and JobzMall launches the first talent marketplace built for Santa Ana’s post-covid workforce

The platform will connect Santa Ana businesses and job seekers with Video Resumes, Video Job Ads, aiming to boost the local economy by $30 million.

Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce and JobzMall are bringing their forces together to address the unemployment problem faced in Santa Ana by launching the first job finding platform tailored for the city of Santa Ana. The platform will empower the students, job seekers, and hiring managers of Santa Ana by connecting them with Video Resumes, Video Cover Letters and Video Job Ads for the post-covid economy. The marketplace is making its debut with local powerhouse organizations including Santa Ana Work Center, Wells Fargo, Goodwill, Behr Painting Co. High School Inc, CNI College and many more organizations.

The talent marketplace ( also includes a local Talent Pool so that job seekers can directly shoot their resumes to hundreds of companies with one-click. The long term goal is not only to connect job seekers with hiring organizations but also build a local career community for Santa Ana. Users will also be able to get connected with local resources to grow their skill sets aided with Machine Learning. “In such a rapidly evolving landscape, the ability to anticipate and prepare for future skills requirements, job content and the aggregate effect on employment is increasingly critical for every human being. At JobzMall we recognize the need to address the resulting skills gap” said Pembe Candaner, the President of JobzMall.  

“The Chamber is excited to partner with Jobzmall.  The concept of an app that brings together Job Seekers with businesses in this great format customized to Santa Ana is AWESOME.  A great tool to connect people with opportunity is very special.  Also the ability for our kids to get connected to internships and mentors will also enhance this application.” said Dave Elliott, President & CEO of the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce.

“Addressing the real needs and problems of the Santa Ana Community can only be done with a tailored approach and bringing everyone together” said Nathan Candaner, CEO of JobzMall.

About Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce

Established in 1889, the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce is the oldest and most innovative business association in Orange County. The Chamber is committed to fostering business growth, career training, research and development, employment for youth, and a balance between economic vibrancy and livability. It continues to be the leading voice for progress, economic prosperity, educational advancement and workplace development.

About JobzMall

JobzMall is the talent marketplace for the new workforce. JobzMall movement is rebuilding the talent marketplace and how talent meets work. It’s faster, easier, and more human. Our mission is to empower everyone to pursue their potential and become a better member of their community.