The video-based career platform JobzMall unveiled its latest technology PicMe, connecting 2,500 career seekers with hiring organizations in its debut.

Last week, JobzMall (, the talent marketplace for the new workforce, has unveiled their latest technology in connecting career seekers with businesses, Poly Interactive Career Meetings, called PicMe, connecting 2,500 career seekers with hiring organizations in its debut last week.

Poly Interactive Career Meeting, or simply called PicMe, is a completely new way of hosting virtual career fairs. PicMe enables employers to host real-time n-sided virtual stands, enabling career seekers to explore organizations and engage with one another instantaneously. “It is quite different from having your typical two-way Video Chat. This is definitely a game-changer” said an HR-Veteran attending the debut.

“One of the largest problems I have seen in Virtual Job Fairs is the ghost town problem. This was the most impressive online career event I have personally experienced thus far.” shared a Global Recruitment Director for a Fortune 500 company.  

“JobzMall has always been ahead of the curve, leading the talent technology space by going out of the known boundaries. We pioneered Video Resumes at scale, and today we are pioneering and redefining the virtual career fair space” said Nathan Candaner, JobzMall’s Chief Executive.

“We have always pursued and prioritized the human factor in job search, and in the long run, there is never a misalignment of JobzMall’s growth with the humanization of hiring,” said Pembe Candaner, JobzMall President and an icon in the recruitment industry.

JobzMall will be hosting Pic Me as an invite-only feature for its member organizations until a nationwide rollout in fall 2021.