Our approach to connecting people with opportunities is as unique as our virtual mall. Our stores allow businesses to connect with our job seekers in a meaningful way. Providing a level of introduction through branded videos photos, and some company information. Passive job seekers can browse through and learn about businesses in all industries and sectors of the market. While more aggressive job seekers can accurately search and easily pinpoint opportunities. They can then apply very quickly and provide a Video Cover Letter to stand out from the crowd.

Features such as our Direct Apply help businesses to create a strong database of talent, with multiple skill sets, for their present or future needs. A job seeker uses Direct Apply when they would like to apply to a business whether or not there’s a job post present. This system ensures that no talent is left on the table for your business and provides various benefits to the job seeker as well.

JobzMall created a perfect ecosystem for both businesses and job seekers to connect. Through unlimited job posts, announcements and media, your store can attract the best and brightest talent. More importantly, you will be receiving applicants that know more about your organization and your values, therefore you will have a higher chance of having engaged employee’s in the long-run.

Open a store today and become part of the movement for the new workforce.